Youth Running Program

Summer Training Program: (JUNE 29 - July 24)
COVID-19 UPDATE: Because of the shorter season, the cost will be $100
Most practices are at McGavock High School. Occasionally we have practices in a few different locations, mostly in the Hermitage to Mt. Juliet area. 


Please note that days, locations, and times may be adjusted based on team training needs. In addition to the costs below, parents are responsible for all meet entry costs (typically less than $20 per meet), and travel considerations for meets.

Summer Options--

1. Green Team—This team is for runners showing determination to compete or a passion to improve.  Participation on this team requires focus, determination, resilience, desire to train or compete at a high level, study, and leadership.


Practices= Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 6:00pm-7:30pm

May be some occasional Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday training.


1. Training fee (Mid-May to Late-July) + AAU or USATF Registration=$300

2. Training fee (Monthly)=$150 + one time fee of $20 for        AAU or USATF registration


2. Blue Team – This team is for beginning runners and less seasoned runners 7-10 years of age. These runners are looking for consistent training, or preparation. Some may choose to compete. Athletes who start here may move to Green Team if it is determined that they want to train and/or compete at a higher level.


Practices Tuesday and Thursday 5:00pm-6:00pm


1. Training fee (Mid-May to Late-July) + AAU or USATF Registration=$250

2. Training fee (Monthly)=$150 + one time fee of $20 for        AAU or USATF registration

Other Potential Costs:

  • Uniform (typically less than $75) 

  • Meet registration costs (usually average around $8 per event or $20 per meet)

  • Travel costs to meets

***Teams are fluid and athletes may transition up within the season, based on performance and coach recommendations.

***All athletes will receive a team t-shirt

Preferred payment method is Paypal.
We also accept checks.  Make checks payable to Jamie S. Jenkins

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