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ROK Running Squad

Represent Our King



ROK Running is a youth track and cross country team located in the Hermitage/Mt. Juliet, TN area.  Our goal is to celebrate Christ and represent him through competition and fellowship with others. We believe in helping athletes meet their running goals.  Our sole focus is NOT on winning every race.  We focus on nurturing passion for the sport. Winning is often a byproduct of that training and focus, but is not central to what we hope to accomplish.


Who is ROK Running for?

ROK Running is for all youth runners ages 8-18.  Our goal is strengthen our walk with Christ, as well as to nurture a passion for the sport, while also equipping athletes with the tools to reach their running goals.

Committed Coaches

The ROK Squad is coached and managed by head coach Dr. Jamie Jenkins. Coach Jenkins has coached track for over 20 years and has been a runner his whole life.  He is also holds certification as a Personal Athletic Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  He is often accompanied by his wife, who was a scholarship middle distance runner for the Tigerbelles of Tennessee State University.  In addition, several parents provide invaluable help.  All of whom share the common belief that this program is for and about the runners.  We encourage our parents to come out to assist with recording times and sometimes run with our kids.  We strive to be one big family!

A Safe, Balanced Approach

A primary objective of the squad is to encourage youth participation in running, and in the disciplines that accompany the sport.  The methods include a safe, balanced and enjoyable approach to training and racing, all of which should lead to a smooth transition to competition at the high school level and beyond.  The ultimate goal is not so much to win races, but to instill a love for running as a life-long activity and to develop strength of character through competitive running.  Winning races is a by-product of accomplishing these goals.

We Value Improvement

The philosophy of the squad is that each runner is competing against him or herself, and that how fast or where a runner finishes is not nearly as important as how they conduct themselves in the face of triumph or adversity.  We value good sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, hard work and, and being a reflection of God's light in how we conduct ourselves on and off the track. Each runner is encouraged to improve his or her own times with each race, and not be overly concerned with how other runners are doing. We believe that every runner is a winner if they are honestly working towards their goal and doing the best they can. It is our hope that this pursuit of excellence will serve them well throughout their lives.

Intensive Physical & Mental Training

The training includes drills and running techniques, endurance and speed development, racing tactics and mental preparation.  Strength and flexibility training are also incorporated into the program as they relate to the sport, with an emphasis on preventing injuries.  We also encourage our athletes to be good students of their events, by studying what professionals do. 

A Runner’s Commitment

Every effort must be made to attend our workouts on a regular basis.   Our general philosophy is that runners should attend all practices in order to see good progression, and diminish risk of injury.  Workout sessions throughout the week will have different objectives and, by missing too many, the runner’s body will not receive enough conditioning to withstand the demands that will be placed on it during competition.  LACK OF ADEQUATE PRACTICE TIME/CONDITIONING CAN CAUSE INJURY. We ask that all runners be on time and dressed in the appropriate attire.   Also, runners should pay special attention to what they eat and drink prior to the workouts.   An upset stomach will prevent them from accomplishing their workout goals.   Plenty of hydration throughout the day is very important, rather than immediately before workouts.  

A Parent’s Responsibilities

Parents, you play a big part in how well your child will do.   You can help your child by demonstrating a good attitude, respect and support the philosophy of the coaching staff, and just remember, the runners are young and this is a learning experience.  They will not always live up to your expectations, but you must remain supportive, and encourage them no matter what.   Children are involved in organized sports for their enjoyment, not ours, and children need models, not exasperating criticism.  Any single race is only a very small piece of a much larger puzzle.

Equipment Requirements

For Practice:

1 Pair of newer running shoes

Lightweight exercise clothing

For Competition:

1 Pair of racing flats/spikes (optional)

Undergarments (undershirts, tights, sports bras, etc.) must be black, white, grey, or consistent with our team colors (Navy Blue/Lime Green).

Team Warm-up

Team Uniform

Team Communications

Team communication regarding practices, and most general information will be made using Team Snap, which will send an email and/or text.  Parents are always welcome to call/text/email me with any questions.