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Greetings, Future ROKstars! My name is Jamie S. Jenkins!

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First, thank you for visiting my website! I am happy you are here! If you are interested in improving your personal fitness, you have arrived at the right place.

We offer total body fitness training for all ages. We also offer separate programming for youth ages 6+. You don't have to be athlete to be part of our programs. We believe that fitness starts where you are, then we improve from there.

I have always loved fitness! In fact, I can't remember a time in my life that I have not been involved in some type of physical fitness activity. My first realization that I found something I loved was in 5th grade, and it came in the form of running. From that point, running became my passion, my go-to, the one thing I felt really good at, and good about.  I dabbled in soccer, and recreational participation in other sports, but all roads led back to running.

After graduating high school, I took up flag football and that became my activity of choice. THEN THE SPARK! In 1998, I began coaching high school Track and Cross Country right out of college, as I began my teaching career. After some time, inspired by the athletes I was training, I gave up flag football and returned to my running passion.

After a promotion and my oldest daughter FINALLY realizing that she was a runner, I began assisting at her middle school with track and XC. Recognizing that no summer running program existed in our area for athletes, and having the desire to grow athletes, ROK RUNNING was born in 2015.

Since then, we have been competing every summer, with all roads leading the the Junior Olympics.

In 2018, I earned my Certified Personal Trainer license, after realizing that my passion stretched beyond running and into total body fitness.

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